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Some of my most recent works. You can view more details about these projects as well as my other work on Behance.


Phuture Phil Logo

Phuture Phil is a traveling DJ who requested a logo design to be utilized to brand himself. The client asked for a clean and simple logo that represented his name: Phuture Phil. I began this project by hand sketching ideas to represent the name. I wanted the look to be futuristic and mysterious.

Break the Statistics

The video animation has an audio and a visual to see these statistics through a universal design. The goal of the project was to develop both an animation and a static visual in order to bring attention to the low graduation rates and high drop out/push out rates of high school students of color. There are two components of the project: the animation and the infographic. The animation was made in order to capture audiences who have a preference for motion versus a static view. The video has both subtitles and audio recordings to accomodate to a more universal audience.

Break the Statistics

Break the Statistics

The infographic is a compliment graphic that highlights the facts in a static view. The goal of the project was to develop both an animation and a static visual in order to bring attention to the low graduation rates and high drop out/push out rates of high school students of color. There are two components of the project: the animation and the infographic. The static visual was made to address the audience who want a quick overview or those who cannot keep up with the animation.

I began by researching infographics and the design process of creating an infographic. Afterwards, I began sketching out ideas and design elements that would work with the idea. I developed a simple infographic that reflects the appearance of a chalkboard and basic human figures in a chalky aesthetic. I wanted to make the graphic easily readable and playful.

ALTEC Themes

ALTEC Web Themes

I worked in a team with three others and together, we developed 16 total web themes that reflected on different cultural holidays or events. I was responsible for the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month themes. Our goals were to develop all of the web graphics and color schematics for the ALTEC website. Currently, all 16 web themes are still under processing before becoming available for users to personalized the website with.

Sinking Pirate Ship

I wanted to create a simple exterior landscape. I found that Maya had a great ocean, sun and sky simulation built in and wanted to implement them to make the focus be on the pirate ship itself. I began with sketches and research of how a ship looks like and wanted to focus the viewers on the wooden detail and the old and worn out flags and sails. By using Photoshop, I made the sails and flag to have a very torn and old feel. I had found a wooden tile that is used throughout the ship but made sure when modeling the ship, I wanted the wooden planks to have dimension. I made the ship have individual planks in order to develop natural shadows around the ship itself.

I had found a general ocean soundscape and incorporated it Premiere along with all of the still frames that Maya produced in order to create the illustion of an animation.

ALTEC Themes

Campus Map App

This application utilizes Objective-C and the Map and Location frameworks in order to allow users to look up buildings on the University of Colorado Boulder campus without needing an internet connection (unless users want to use the map kit). I wanted to use images as the maps because I wanted the the app to be usable without the Internet being a limiting factor.

Twitter Data Visualization

This is a data visualization map displaying a point at a location of where Tweets are being sent with a specific hashtag. Users can input their own hashtag, and the program will look for Tweets with that hashtag in real time.

Happy Bubble Game

Score System
Collect candies, cakes, or ice creams = +2
Collect carrots, lettuce, or broccoli = -5
Destroy candies, cakes, or ice creams = -2
Destroy carrots, lettuce, or broccoli = +5

This game is designed with a child's mentality. It is a commentary on what is good and what is bad in the mind of a child, which is interestingly enough, the opposite of the mentality of an adult is: Where in a child's mind, candy, cakes, and ice cream are good and vegetables are not.

Tokyo City Logo

Tokyo City Logo

The goal of the project was to design a city logo. Tokyo is an enigma: it is a modern city of skyscrapers and high technology yet it is a city that values traditions and its history. I wanted to incorporated these two ideas of modernity and traditional in one simple logo utilizing colors that are depicted in the Japanese Flag.

Century Gothic
                               Type Spec Poster

Century Gothic Type Spec

Century Gothic is one of my favorite geometric typefaces. I created a type spec to exemplify its' great geometric features.

SORCE Home Page

SORCE Website

The client requested for a new redesigned website to follow the new web standards initated by the University of Colorado Boulder. I began by developing sketches and then designed some templates using Adobe Photoshop. The site was crafted using HTML and CSS.

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Themescape: Pattern

My personal inspiration to start this project was to do something that I am interested in which was word expression through typography. I wanted to use the words themselves to express their meaning while using simple shapes to also illustrate those meanings. As a minimalist, I wanted to keep it simple and not too overwhelming. I wanted to use basic positon transformations and change the opacity between scenes. I also wanted to make each scene transition to the next as clean as possible and allow the video to flow calmly and smoothly.

PA Home Page

Public Achievement Website

The client requested for a website for their organization. Since the program did not have a website previously, I had to craft the website from scratch using HTML and CSS. The client requested for the site to be simple and clean with minimal color use. They wanted to keep it simple enough so they can manage it themselves, even so, the site is clean and user friendly.

I began by asking the client what they would like to see on their website and made mock up templates in Adobe Photoshop.

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CU Dialogues Home Page

CU Dialogues Website

The client requested for a new site to be made on behalf of their program that gave users a one way place to gather any information about the program, contact information, and FAQ's. The site also has forms that users can have easily access to. I began making mock up templates using Adobe Photoshop and with approval of the client, we began building the site with HTML and CSS.

The client also requested to have a logo made that reflected the idea of different people coming together and uniting for a common goal. I represented unity with the colors of blue and yellow because they are so different but able to blend together to reach a common light.

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Breatheworks Inc Logo

Breatheworks Inc. Logo

Breatheworks Inc. is a small company who needed a logo design. The client requested to make the logo as simple as possible to represent air flow and lung capacity. I created this logo using Adobe Illustrator.

VSA Home Page

VSA Website

For the year 2010-2011, I was the coordinator and redesigned the website, which was maintained for four years prior. The website was suppose to be a place where potential members can go to learn more about the student organization as well as learn more about the Southwest Union of North American Vietnamese Student Assocations (SWUVSA). The site is maintained by a new coordinator each year.

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Hello, I'm Jeannie Nguyen!

I am hard working and have over seven years of experience in studio work and three years working with start-up companies. My work has been presented in museums and exhibitions as well as utilized for branding identities.

My Design Process

I am a minimalist but take account to what my work needs to say in a manner that makes the work simple yet successful. To me, a successful work is defined through the visual and viewers or users immediately know what that work is about.








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